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Mynbou verniel SA kosmandjie

Written By: Elise Templehoff | Published: August-27-2014 | Category: SA NEWS
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‘Dis soos ’n wegholtrein’ Die steenkoolmyne in Mpumalanga vernietig die land se kosmandjie én water.“Dit is soos ’n wegholtrein wat nie brieke het nie,” sê Hennie Laas, uitvoerende hoof van Agri Mpumalanga. ...

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OB genader oor myne wat mors met water

Elise Templehoff August-18-2014

Daar is nou 48 myne in die land sonder waterlisensies. “Die name van ’n klomp myne wat ernstige omgewingsoortredings begaan het en jare sonder ’n waterlisensie gemyn het, het skielik van die lys ...

Blyvoor mine joins the Aurora strip club

Sipho Kings August-16-2014

The troubled mine has closed, leaving behind a toxic legacy that nobody is prepared to deal with as liquidators try to cover debts before restitution. ...

Top Star: Jo'burg's real-estate wasteland

Sipho Kings July-30-2014

The city's landmark Top Star Drive-in site is a shadow of its former self, after the mine dump it perched atop was levelled and re-mined for gold. An aerial view of the old Top Star Drive-in in...

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Municipality to house people in ‘high-risk’ estate

Written By: Sheree Bege | Published: September-01-2014

‘Ex-retirement village’ built on dangerous mining land' "Congratulations! You have just invested in the West Rand’s Premier Lifestyle Estate. Every effort has been made to provide you with the services, facilities and care expected of such a prestigious development.” ...


Reclamation of the Soweto Cluster mine dumps

DRD Gold’s organizational structure is such that it is divided into dozens of sub-companies, with each sub-company being responsible for its...

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Comment: reclamation of the Soweto Dumps

The FSE comments on the proposed reclamation of the Soweto Cluster Surface Dumps.   ...

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Comment on EIA: Magazynskraal Mine

The Federation for a Sustainable Environment has commented on the EIA for the proposed establishment of a platinum mine by the applicant Ric...

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Wonderfonteinspruit - the unaddressed questions

Notwithstanding the establishment of the Wonderfonteinspruit Regulators Steering Committee on the 21st of December 2007 and  admirable inten...

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FSE’s Preliminary Response to Platmin’s Note For Investors

FSE’s Preliminary Response to Platmin’s Note For Investors For Information Posted On The Platmin’s Website On The 16 January 2013While cogni...

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Open Letter to Platmin

The FSE considers it its moral and social duty to respond to the statements made by Platmin to the news media, the relevant organs of state ...

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July 2014 Report

Report on the activities and engagements of the FSE for the month of July 2014.  ...

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June 2014 Report

A list of activities and engagements for the Federation for a Sustainable Environment in the month of June 2014.   ...

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May 2014 Report

A list of activities and engagements of the FSE for the month of May 2014.  ...

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Uranium Mining: Impact on Health & Environment

"It is not uncommon for African governments to exploit the poor and marginalized for perceived gains in the interest of the strong multinati...

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Dust Management in Gold Mining Regions

A critical evaluation of the challenges facing dust management within gold mining regions of South Africa  by JJ Martins Extract:...

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January 2014 Report

An abridged report (not inclusive of all the activities) of some of the FSE’s activities during January, 2014 which may be of interest or re...

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Centre for Environmental Rights

The Centre for Environmental Rights is a non-profit company and law clinic based in Cape Town. The Centre was established in October 2009 by eight civil society org


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Sheree Bege

Writer at the Saturday Star; specialising in environmental news.



Noseweek is South Africa's only investigative magazine and features irreverent, independent, inside information about business, the professions, politics and societ

Mining and Water

"Waste from gold mines constitutes the largest single source of waste and pollution in South Africa… Acid mine drainage may continue for many years after mines are closed and tailings dams decommissioned"

-Mariette Liefferink

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