Mariette Liefferink

Mariette Liefferink

MDEDET Reference Number 17/2/2/1(E) Nk-

Two issues were raised by the FSE in the Scoping phase, neither of which has been meaningfully addressed in the EIA Report.

  • Who will pay the difference between the treatment cost and the cost of water?  (the polluters or the communities) and
  • For how long will the mining companies stay responsible for the treatment costs?

Download the comment here. (105kb)

The FSE has submitted comment and response on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Gold Fields West Wits Project.  The full document is available as a PDF here, including attributions, and an extract follows which highlights the importance of sustainability.

Monday, 22 June 2009 12:55

Rand Uranium's EMP: Proposed Millsite

This document is not to oppose the proposed project, but to attempt to highlight the environmental challenges, which are perceived as significant, and to make recommendations.

Comments on Public Participation Relevancy of Central Rand Gold's Alleged Environmental Infractions to The Project Fragments on the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry Best Practice Guidelines pertaining to the Environmental Impact Assessment Western Utilities Corporation Mine Water Reclamation Project.

Download the document (about 100kb)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 22:09

Raising of North Boundary Dam

Comments on the Environmental Impact Assessment Background Information Document: Raising of North Boundary Dam.  Download the comment document (about 100kb)

As the appointed convener (albeit, at the time of writing, the impotent convener, since members of the Mining Interest Group, that is, the historic polluters, have not approved the budget for the public participation process) of the public involvement and participation component of the remediation of the Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment area, I deem it my moral and social duty to provide the Remediation Action Plan for the Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment Area to you.

Tuesday, 05 May 2009 13:14

Goldfields West Wits Project

In past dump reclamation activities, a number of cases have been identified where the re-mining of dumps were not completed, either due to a lack of funding on the part of the miner or due to the heterogeneity in the dumps which were mined.  Any new application to exploit mining residues should only be approved if it involves the removal of an entire residue deposit and the rehabilitation of the remaining footprint.  If this is not the case, rather than consolidating contaminated sites, the reprocessing activities result in the creation of two contaminated sites, where one previously existed.

South Africa's freshwater resources are under increasing pressure. Growth in population and increased economic and mining activity have lead to increased competition for and conflicts over the limited freshwater resources.

Monday, 16 March 2009 09:02

Comment on EIA: Harmony Gold

The FSE has submitted comment on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the proposed re-mining and processing of tailings facilities at the operations of Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited in the Welkom area.

Monday, 16 March 2009 07:54

Submission: PBMR Fuel Plant

Poor institutional control of radioactive waste for the last one hundred years now poses a threat to communities and the natural environment.

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